With any unusual name, there is often a story from whence it came. Breakfast Point® is no different.

Capitalizing on the local assets—towering pines and a bountiful bay—the earliest industries for the West Bay area were logging and fishing. Legend has it that the local fishermen would be out on West Bay netting mullet before first light. They would catch as many mullet as possible, salt them down and travel by boat to Panama City to sell them. This was long before the Hathaway Bridge was built so getting to Panama City was easiest by boat.

After a full morning of hauling in nets full of mullet, time and time again, the fishermen would pull up on the shore to enjoy a well-deserved breakfast of cold biscuits from the previous-night's dinner. They all knew that each morning they would meet at the same time in the same location and share breakfast and tales. This was the tradition passed down for years. The place where they pulled up to shore was aptly named Breakfast Point.


"Breakfast Point®" is a registered service mark of The St. Joe Company or its affiliates.

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